Work with Iceland Travel

We love what we do! Would you like it too? Would you like to work with Iceland Travel?

We love what we do! Would you like it too? Would you like to work with Iceland Travel?
We are a team of dedicated travel professionals who, together, ensure that our guest’s experience in Iceland is totally unique and completely unforgettable.
Interested job candidates are encouraged to send their applications which include CV and cover letter here.

Travel Connect Equal Pay Policy

The purpose of the Equal Pay Policy is to ensure gender pay equality in the Company through the implementation of an Equal Pay System. Travel Connect commits to ensure that equal wages are paid for jobs of equal value, irrespective of gender. Enforcement of the Policy and ensuring full observance of gender equality in decisions on wages is the responsibility of management. The Executive Board of Travel Connect will annually establish equal pay objectives based on measurements derived from a pay analysis. The Director of People and Culture is responsible for continuous improvement of the Company’s Equal Pay System and for monitoring the Equal Pay Policy. Travel Connect’s Equal Pay Policy is an integral part of the Company’s Human Resource Policy. The Equal Pay Policy is prepared in accordance with Act No. 10/2008 and the Equal Wage Standard IST 85.

Travel Connect undertakes to:

Implement, document and maintain a certified Equal Pay System based on the IST 85 Standard;
Observe applicable legal requirements that are in effect at any time and relevant to the Equal Pay System and confirm compliance on an annual basis;
Conduct an annual pay analysis to compare jobs of equal value and ascertain whether any difference in wages is measured by gender and take action when necessary;
Respond to unexplained gender-based wage differences;
Present the Policy annually to all the Company’s employees;
Ensure that the Policy is accessible to the public on the Company’s website;
Establish and review equal pay objectives annually.

This Policy extends to all employees of Travel Connect and its subsidiaries.

Safety & Responsibility

Read these simple guidelines on how to be a responsible traveler when visiting Iceland.
Weather can be unpredictable
Check the weather forecast and road conditions every day.
Help keep Iceland clean
Put litter in the bin and recycle when possible.
Safe roads, safe people
Follow the Icelandic road rules, and remember that off-roading is strictly forbidden as it damages natural landscapes.
Take care on the trail
Keep to marked trails and read any warning and safety signs. If in doubt, use common sense or turn back.
Know how to call the emergency services
Dial 112 for emergency assistance in Iceland.
Prepare for a trip to Iceland
No matter the time of year, pack warm layers, rain gear, and sturdy footwear.