Breiðafjörður is a large shallow bay, about 50 km wide and 125 km long, renowned for its stunning natural beauty, with a perfect frame of high and low mountains highlighting the scenery, most prominent of whom is Snaefellsjokull glacier. The bay has a spectacular land- and seascape consisting of shallow seas, small fjords and bays and an inner part of intertidal areas dotted with countless islands, islets and skerries.

The birdlife in the bay is extraordinary rich, with over 50 species breeding there and is characterized by birds that are dependent on the marine ecosystem, like seabirds and waders. It’s a paradise for bird watchers who might even be lucky enough to spot the majestic while tailed eagle. The common seal and the grey seal are often seen frolicking in the bay and whales have been spotted there as well.

Many of the islands in Breidafjordur are used by people but very few are inhabited all year. The island of Flatey has a hotel that is open in summer. Other islands are used for summer houses and many farmers in the area use islands for eiderdown harvesting.
The ferry Baldur crosses the bay on a daily basis, shortening the route between the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and the West Fjords region.