Budahraun Lava Field

Búðahraun Lava field on the south shore of Snaefellsnes peninsula, originating from the low Búðaklettur crater (88 m) in its centre. 

This is a unique place to walk in the sandy lava fields, see the charming black church, and stroll on one of the few golden beaches of Iceland. Your camera can easily be kept busy here!

A 2 km trail lies between Búðir and Frambúðir, where there are ruins of fishermen’s huts and trading booths. From Frambúðir there’s also a trail that heads inland across a lava field to the Búðaklettur volcanic crater. The lava was deposited here as many as 8,000 years ago, and is now home to a rich variety of mosses, ferns and wildflowers.

It’s an easy walk, but if you come this far and then return to Búðir, allow 3 hours for the round trip.