Dalvik is one of the many seaside towns in Iceland; a true fishing village located in the eastern part of Tröllaskagi Peninsula. The harbour in town is a large fishing and commercial port, including the departure point of “Sæfari” boat which serves the island of Grímsey. Few minutes from Dalvík you'll find Árskógasandur harbour, which is the starting point of the ferry “Sævar” which sails to the unique Hrísey Island.

In Dalvik, recreations such as bird watching, whale watching and horse rental are available from Dalvík, and there is always the option of visiting museums in town or try the local swimming pool. You can also take a trip abard the ferry Sæfari and visit Grimsey Island. 

Dalvik, situated in northern Iceland in the valley Svarfadardalur, is also a great place to visit during the winter time, since there is a great ski resort there.

Just outside Dalvik is a nice 9-hole golf course and Svarfadardalur valley offers some great hiking trails with magnificient views. 

The annual Fiskidagurinn mikli is held the Saturday after the first Monday of August, where you can enjoy a free fish buffet sponsored by the local fishing industry. It's hugely popular, atteneded by as much as 30.000 people, both due to the free buffet and the many musical acts, which appear on a large central stage later in the evening. If you are in the northern part of Iceland early august, make sure you don't miss out on this festival.

Population: 1.400