Dyrafjordur Fjord

Dyrafjordur fjord is a beautiful narrow fjord with a majestic mountain range and rich flora, close to Isafjordur town. Thingeyri village is located in Dyrafjordur fjord. The fjord is more than 30 kilometers long and about ten kilometers wide, at its widest. 

Dyrafjordur is narrow and long, accentuating the majesty of the surrounding  mountains. The highland area between the fjords of Dyrafjörður and Arnarfjörður, to the south, is often referred to as the Alps of the Westfjords.

The fjord is the setting of one of the Icelandic sagas, Gisla Saga, which tells about the outlaw Gisli Sursson. In the saga the name of the fjord, Dýrafjörður, was given by one of the fjords first settlers, Dýri, who lived in a farm called Hálsar. Yet there are many that believe that the original name of the fjord was Dyrafjörður, meaning the fjord with the doors, because two mountains, mt. Sandfell and mt. Myrarfell, stand at the mouth of the fjord, making it look like a doorway. The Saga on the other hand is quite interesting and takes place for most parts in Dýrafjörður and is a true murder mystery, and of course there are a few fights, runic magic and politics, it has everything a good saga needs. 

In the winter time the sun disappears for weeks and the Northern lights reign supreme in the darkened night sky, often offering a splendid display of vibrant, dancing colours.