Ensku Husin

Ensku Husin by Langa River was used only as a fishing lodge from 1884 until the year of 1998 when it was turned into a guesthouse. Ensku Husin, translated the English houses, can be rented for weddings, birthdays and smaller conferences. Guests and groups are able to choose service from simple accommodation to full service/hotel style accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In the oldest part of the house there is a dining room, fly-tying corner, as well as the kitchen and storage rooms. On the second floor 3 bedrooms for 2 can be found with shared bathroom facilities. The lounge has been added to the oldest part and forms the West wing of the house whereas the East wing holds the main sleeping area of the house with 8 bedrooms for 2 persons, both with private and shared bathroom facilities. Dinner can be prepared in the evening and is set up with a 2-3 course menu. The meals are served at a long dining table in the dining room where guests enjoy their dinner together in an inviting and warm atmosphere.