Fridheimar Greenhouse and Horse Farm

A visit to the family run Fridheimar farm will introduce you to two interesting sides of Icelandic agriculture – its local market greenhouse culture alongside its passion for the small but sturdy Icelandic horse.

Located conveniently on the famous Golden Circle,  Fridheimar (loosely translates as “peaceful world”) is one of Iceland's most successful family run greenhouses growing delicious tomatoes year-round. In the greenhouse amidst the fragrant aroma of fresh tomato plants and the buzzing of worker bees you have the chance to enjoy a drink or a delicious meal - we recommend trying the establishment’s famous tomato soup. 

The family also breeds horses and guests can learn more about this magnificent animal by watching a very entertaining horse show which we highly recommend.

The Icelandic horse is a descendant of the original horse breed brought to Iceland by the first settlers in the 9th Century.  Long-lived and hardy, in their native country they have few diseases. Icelandic law prevents horses from being imported into the country and exported animals are not allowed to return. What makes the Icelandic horse stand out as unique when compared with all other breeds? Instead of just walk, trot and canter, the horses have two additional gaits. The Icelandic horse is unique in being 5-gaited, the most prized being the Tolt - a four-beat gait where the sequence of foot falls is the same as in walk. This means that at least one foot is on the ground at any time and accounts for a smoothness which is very comfortable for the rider.