Hljóðaklettar are a bizarre looking group of crater plugs, the remains of ancient volcanoes which have been heavily eroded by the foaming glacial river, depicting basaltic columns in different positions, creating all kind of patterns  - swirls, spirals, rosettes and honeycombs. This is what makes them unique in the world. It is a great experience to walk among the cliffs and strange rock formations and it's easy to imagine being on an alien planet in a far off solar system. 

Hljóðaklettar (“Echo rocks” or “The Whispering Cliffs”), its name is derived from an acoustic effect and strange echoes created by the numerous caves and uncommon rock formation, making it impossible to determine the directions of the noisy rivers.  It is interesting to listen to the cliff acoustic near the river and walk between the unique geological phenomena: basalt columns in various shapes, cliffs, honeycomb weathering and caves.

You can follow two different hiking trails through Hljóðaklettar. Both er relatively easy and well marked, the first one takes only about half an hour to walk, the other one, which encircles the whole area and offer plenty of photo opportunities takes about three hours to complete. 

The road to Hljóðaklettar (862) is closed over the winter months.