Kerlingarfjoll mountain range is situated in the shadow of Hofsjokull glacier near the Kjolur highland road in Iceland’s highland interior region. Local legend says the mountains are haunted by the ghost of a female troll, who turned to stone on her way back from a fishing expedition.

Kerlingarfjoll is a 1.477 m tall mountain range in the Icelandic Highlands, near the Kjolur highland road. The mountain range is a part of a volcano system and it becomes evident once you visit the area, due to numerous hot springs and rivulets. The mountains are also composed of red rhyolite stone, which adds an eerie and strange tone to the mountains. 

The area was formerly known for its summer ski resort, but this was dismantled in 2000. From 2000 Kerlingarfjöll have been operated as a highland resort, offering accommodation and food services to the guests in the area. The area also offers plenty of hiking opportunities and if you visit Kerlingarfjoll make sure you don't forget your camera, for the beautilful and pristine landscape offers many great photo opportunities.