One of the biggest communities in East Iceland is Neskaupsstaður. It was not until 1949 that Neskaupstaður got a road linked to the outside world and became an accessible area, before that time it was only reached by sea because of the high mountains and really bad roads.

Neskaupstaður is and has always been a fishing village, there is one of Icelands biggest fishing industry, boats and ships are going in the harbour all year round. Fish is the towns main employment and source and has been for decades.

Until 1949, the town was only accessible by boat. Now it is connected through a 626-meter long single-lane tunnel that passes through the Oddskard mountains. The tunnel is 632 meters above the sea level. The tunnel was built in the late 70's.

Many people moved away in the 90's and the town suffered huge depopulation, but this has been reversed as a result of the building of an aluminum smelter and a new hydroelectric power-plant in East Iceland.

Neskaupsstadur is also the home to Eistnaflug, an annual metal festival in july. If you're traveling in East-Iceland in july and like metal music, make sure you don't miss out on this great festival.