Solarborg Hotel (Hotel Tindastoll)

Rooms: 9

Room Amenities: En-suite bathroom, TV, Wi-fi, phone, alarm clock with radio, hair dryer, bathrobes

Hotel Facilities: Reception, breakfast facilities, free access to the pool in the back garden of Hotel Tindastóll.

Solarborg Hotel (Tindastoll) is an annex to Tindastoll Hotel. The Hotel is a 3 star hotel with an old romantic style. The annex is a new addition to Hotel Tindastoll and is located next to the hotel, however, reception and breakfast facilities are in the hotel itself. This two storey house is named Solarborg and was built in 1942 and has recently been renovated in May 2012 to include contemporary chic decor, giving a more modern feel than Hotel Tindastoll. Here we have 9 comfortable rooms, all with private facilities and free wifi. Small hot tub in the back garden.