In the middle of the fissure on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (in the south of Reykjanes) is the geothermal area Krísuvík. The main geothermal areas in Krýsuvík are Seltún, Hverahvammur and Hverahlíð. The banks around the hot springs are coloured green, yellow and red. Columns of steam rise skywards and the bubbling mud pools play their rhythmical symphony.

Geothermal Area

The Krysuvik Geothermal Area of the Reykjanes Nature Reserve is where visitors can experience geothermal power in a more natural setting with boiling mud springs surrounding the world’s largest blowing steam vent. The nearby Seltun geothermal field is teeming with active hot springs, bubbling mud cauldrons and marked walking paths.