The town of Reykjanesbær is a young and rapidly growing town on the Reykjanes peninsula and there has been a significant increase of citizens in the past years. They are now around 14.100; it is the 5th largest community in Iceland.

It was founded in 1994 with the union of Keflavík, Hafnir and Njarðvík. Keflavik is the largest and Hafnir is the smallest. There are some 10 kilometers between the three towns. Keflavik and Njardvik were two distinct towns but eventually grew together over the course of last century. In Njardvik you can find the popular Viking World Museum. Until 2006 the United States‘ Navy had a Naval Air Station in Keflavik, but since it closed the base was taken over by a development agency and among other is now a university and campuses.

The settlement in the region began in the 16th century, though before that there were the occasional fishermen camp‘s in the winter.

The people of Reykjanesbær has has depended on the sea for work and lived on fisheries for centuries.

Reykjanesbær is only 30 minutes drive from the capital Reykjavík and a 5 minutes drive to the international airport.


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