Reykjavík Art Museum

Reykjavík Art Museum is run by the City of Reykjavík. It is the largest art museum in Iceland, housed in three distinct buildings in central Reykjavík: HafnarhúsKjarvalsstaðir and Ásmundarsafn

Situated in the city center, Harbor House (Hafnarhus) is one of three branches of the Reykjavik Art Museum which features a range of visual arts, from classic Icelandic to avant-garde works by contemporary artists, and exhibitions by visiting artists from abroad.

Housed in a renovated fishery office and warehouse built in the 1930s, the museum presents the permanent collection of Icelandic born Erro, one of Europe’s most notable pop artists. Here you can see the full breadth of the artist’s work, from his very earliest paintings to the more comic strip-inspired works of recent years.

Harbor House is comprised of six galleries, a courtyard, and a multi-purpose room. On the ground floor is a gift shop and reading room with hundreds of art books and the restaurant on the second floor has a beautiful view over the harbor.

Kjarvalstadir Art Museum hosts around 20 exhibits of visual art every year and guests can expect to find the works of Johannes Kjarval, Erro and Asmundur Sveinsson on display. Surrounding the museum is a beautiful park where many people spend their time when the sun shines, especially in the summer.