Halldor Laxness Museum

In a beautiful meadow on the outskirts of Mosfellsbaer is a museum dedicated to Icelandic author and Nobel Prize winner Halldor Laxness (1902-1998), who is one of Iceland most esteemed writer. He was active and prolific in his long career and wrote 13 novels a long with plays, essays, short stories and poems. His most known novel, Independent people or Sjálfstætt fólk, was published 1934-1935 and tells the story of the farmer Bjartur of Summerhouses. Laxness‘ writing changed through time as did his ideals and believes. His sympathy was though invariably with the underdog and he always managed to see the comic aspects of his characters and their actions.

Opened in 2004, the Gljúfrasteinn museum is housed in his former home and is unchanged since Laxness lived there, with original furniture and artwork on the walls by famous contemporaries like painter Johannes Kjarval. Halldor lived there with his family for more than half a century and houses now a museum memorating Halldor. Surrounding the house is a large garden that is open to the public and number of pleasant walks in the vicinity.

Enjoy a multimedia presentation including interview clips with the author who penned 62 books over his lifetime. Summer musical performances are given on his grand piano on Sunday afternoons.