Baldursbra Guesthouse

Rooms: 8

Room Amenities: Shared facilities, washbasin, phone

Hotel Facilities: Breakfast buffet included, TV lounge; soft drinks, beer and wine available; access to a hot tub, sauna and charcoal grill

Baldursbra guesthouse offers a friendly and quiet atmosphere all year around. It is owned by an Icelandic-French family. Located in the centre of Reykjavík, the guesthouse comprises of eight spacious rooms on three floors, each equipped with a washbasin and a phone. Shared modern bath and shower facilities by two or three rooms maximum. Breakfast buffet is included in accommodation price. Soft drinks, beer and wine available at very reasonable prices. Non-smoking guestrooms, smoking only in the TV lounge. Guests have access to a hot tub, sauna and charcoal grill in the garden. Guests have WiFi access.