Reykjavík City Hall

The modern gray structure that seems to be floating on Reykjavik’s Tjornin Pond, is actually the City Hall Building and houses the Mayor’s office and those of executive officials. The building was constructed in 1992 following an international competition won by architects Studio Granda. Since January 2017 it also houses Reykjavik's official tourist information board. 

Bold and modern, this impressive building in the centre of Reykjavík, connects nature, water and is designed deliberately to attract bird-life to the centre of town. Opening in 1992, it houses the Mayor and other executive officials of Reykjavík. On the ground floor you’ll find a helpful information desk and internet access. The building is also put to use as a gallery, hosting a steady stream of new and exciting exhibitions. 

Don’t miss the enormous and beautiful 3-D relief map inside which provides a unique perspective of the entire island with its many volcanoes, mountains, craters, fjords and glaciers. 

The space is often used for events and receptions as well as a steady stream of exhibitions of local artists. Also located on premises are a tourist information desk and the pleasant cafe Ondin which provides fantastic views of the pond and computers with free internet access.