Reykjavik is by far the largest municipality in Iceland and as well the capital city of the country. The capital area has about a total of 60% of Iceland’s population, which is about 320.000 people.

Ingolfur Arnarson, the first settler of Iceland according to Landnama, the Book of Settlement, built his farm on the peninsula where Reykjavik stands today. Ingolfur Arnarson is said to have decided the location of his settlement using a traditional Norse method; he cast his high seat pillars into the ocean when he saw the coastline, then settled where the pillars came to shore, though not many scholars would argue that this romantic story is fully credible. The town got its name “Smoky Bay” after the columns of steam that rose from the hot springs in the area and made such a deep impression on the first settlers.

Thanks to Royal Treasurer Skuli Magnusson, known as the Father of Reykjavik, established wool workshops at Reykjavik as part of his effort to modernise the Icelandic economy. This led to the beginning of urban development at Reykjavik. The town of Reykjavik received its town charter in 1786 and has grown steadily ever since.

Reykjavik Hotels

The accommodation options in Reykjavik are very diverse and everything from small hostels to high quality luxury hotels. Many hotels are within a walking distance of the city center.  

Things to do in Reykjavik 

You can choose from multitude of restaurants and/or coffee-houses. There are also a few shopping malls, a small zoo, many outdoor swimming pools and many other activities. We reccommend a visti to Hallgrimskirkja church and Perlan, building. 

The Reykjavik nightlife is great, especially during weekends and there are plenty of bars and clubs to visit. We also offer a great selection of Day Tours and Activities. 

Weather in Reykjavik

The chilliest thing about Iceland is its name! Despite its northerly location, Iceland is really more solar than polar, thanks to the warming effects of the Gulf Stream which provides a temperate climate year round. See more about the climate and seasons in Iceland here

Many visitors that come to Reykjavik or Iceland wish to see either the Northern Lights or visit the Blue Lagoon. You can take a bus from Reykjavik and enjoy the relaxing waters of the Blue Lagoon. We also offer tours where you can hunt for the elusive Northern Lights.