Skjaldarvik Guesthouse

Skjaldarvik guesthouse has 27 comfortable rooms that vary in size and layout. The larger rooms have beds as well as sofa beds in order to accommodate 3-4 people. Many rooms are spacious enough for an extra bed to be added if requested. Each room is unique in terms of decoration and style, but the comfort and quality is always the same. In the east wing there is a comfortable lounge and a bar with TV, library and playing cards. Outside, there is hot tub where guests can relax. The guesthouse offers approx. 1,5 hour long riding tours through the area around Skjaldarvik, along the seaside and up into the hills. We take pride in providing our guests with the best local cuisine. We try to use organic, locally grown products whenever possible. The restaurant offers two course dinner and breakfast buffet. Meals need to be booked in advance. There is a store at the guesthouse selling Icelandic crafts and designs.