Skriðuklaustur was built in 1939 and is the most recognized and renowned buildings of the East fjords, former home to the auther Gunnar Gunnarsson.

Gunnar Gunnarsson, one of Iceland’s most famous author, had this mansion built. He then gave it to the Icelandic nation 9 years later. The building is now a center of culture and history and a home to the Institute of Gunnar Gunnarsson and displays objects connected to his work and life.

A German architect named Fritz Höger designed the house, its 315 square meters, has an attic and two storeys. It is located about 50 m above sea-level and 50 miles from the sea.

In 1997 the Gunnar Gunnarsson’s Institute was established by law and in 1999 the Ministry of Education assumed responsibility of Skriðuklaustur. Skriðuklaustur is now an educational institute and museum, dedicated the life and work of the author.

During the middle ages Skriduklaustur was a monastery (klaustur being the icelandic word for monastery). In recent years there has been an archaeological excavation in Skriduklaustur, one that has uncovered facts that show that the monastery served also as a local hospital. Today Skriduklaustur serves as a museum for Gunnar and as a writers retreat. It also houses one of the Visiting centers for Vatnajokull National Park.