Laugarvatn Fontana Nature Baths

The Laugarvatn Fontana Nature Baths are located along the popular Golden Circle route. The facilities, which opened in the summer of 2011 are built over a natural hot spring that Icelanders have been visiting since the 1930s, and consist of three steam rooms and three interconnected outdoor mineral baths. 

The Geothermal Bakery

Every day there is a scheduled walk from the reception at Laugarvatn Fontana to the geothermal bakery located next to Lake Laugarvatn. There guests can experience as a rye bread, which has been baking in a pot in the warm sand for 24 hours, is dug out.  After the walk, guests are offered to taste the bread with some delicious Icelandic butter. 

We highly recommend you get to experience the geothermal energy first hand with a visit to the geothermal bakery!