The Geothermal Energy Exhibition

The Geothermal Energy Exhibition at Hellisheidi Power Plant is a state-of-the-art look into the harnessing of geothermal energy in Iceland. The plant is owned by ON Power and is a striking example of how geothermal energy is harnessed in a sustainable manner in Iceland.

Of the six geothermal power plants in Iceland, Hellisheiði is the newest and largest. Hellisheiði Power Plant is situated in the Hengill area in South West Iceland and provides electricity and hot water for space heating in the industrial and domestic sectors in Iceland.

To access the potential energy under the surface, wells are drilled thousands of metres into the ground, penetrating reservoirs of pressurised water. Heated by the Earth’s energy, this water can be more than 300°C in temperature, and when released it boils up from the well, turning partly to steam on its way. At Hellisheiði, the steam is separated from the water to power some of the plant’s seven turbines, while the remaining water is further depressurised to create more steam, used to power other turbines. At its maximum output the station can produce 303MW of electricity, making it one of the largest single unit power plants in the world.

What tours are available?

Hellisheiði Power Plant is located only about 20 minute drive from Reykjavík, in a stunning setting surrounded by lava and moss which makes the experience all so much stronger.

Guests of all ages can enjoy themselves at The Geothermal Energy Exhibition and our foreign guests are especially interested in how we produce green, sustainable energy right here. The Exhibition is presented via interactive multimedia installations, wall displays and presentations. It allows visitors to examine Iceland‘s geothermal energy utilization in a clear and illuminating fashion.

Hellisheidi Energy Exhibition offers varied guided tours with english speaking expert guides.