The Icelandic Seal Centre

The Icelandic Seal Centre at Hvammstangi is a research centre and museum with information about seals, seal colonies, the history of seal hunting and other ways in which seals are an important part of Icelandic culture, tradition and folklore. The centre is also a source of information about the birds of the Vatnsnes Peninsula, of which there are unsurprisingly a great many. 

In the center you will learn about the different species of seals found along the shores of Iceland, their lives and habits and how to distinguish them apart from one another when you are out on a self or guided seal watching tour. You will also find information on the wildlife of the area, including the notorious Arctic Fox, Eider Duck, famous Puffins, Whales and the abundant sea and inland bird life of the area.

You can watch scientists at work in the seal center's lab, learn about the research that is being done on seals and even help them by collecting data on your travels around the area! Finally in the "Seal Cinema" you can watch a documentary on the seals found in Iceland and especially in the area around The Icelandic Seal Center, the Vatnsnes peninsula.