The Saga Center

The Saga Center was opened in 1997 in the town of Hvolsvollur. At the Saga Center you can get guided tours on the Njals Saga and the Viking age.

Dating back to the Settlement times, Iceland´s history with its literary and cultural heritage provide great insights into the societal developments in Northern Europe over the centuries. Around Iceland, many historical sites, along with museums and heritage centres connected to Sagas and the later history of Iceland can be found, providing travellers with great opportunities to connect to the local culture.

The country’s most important contribution to the world of literature is without a doubt Njala. The centre houses 2 exclusive exhibitions, “The Exhibition of Njala” where the guests are introduced to the characters of Iceland’s ancient stories, Viking cosmology and the literary art of the Sagas.

In The Saga Centre is also a modern art gallery, the Saga Hall – a replica of a Viking long house with historic refreshments, model of Thingvellir AD 1000, Co-op museum, the new Njal´s Saga tapestry in progress, elegant gift & souvenir shop, and Viking costumes and weapons for the kids to play with.

Another exhibition is housed at the Saga Center the “Exhibition of Cooperative Society”
- learn about the history of trade, commerce and the cooperative movement in Iceland during the 20th century.