The Volcano Museum

Iceland’s fiery secrets are revealed at the recently opened Volcano Museum (Eldfjallasafn) in Stykkisholmur. The dynamic exhibition includes objects, artifacts, volcanic rocks samples and even works of art, all curated by renowned volcanologist Haraldur Sigurdsson, who has been studying and teaching about the explosive nature of volcanoes all over the world for over forty years.

The museum includes works of art, old and new, showing volcanic eruptions, as well as objects, artifacts, volcanic rocks from the unique collection of proffessor Haraldur Sigurðsson who has carried out research on volcanoes world wide for forty years.

In the museum many aspects of volcanoes and their activity are examined, both in terms of the arts, science, literature and environmental effects. Talks are given daily in the museum in English and Icelandic about volcanoes and their effects, as well as information on geology that are suitable for people with little or no previous knowledge in this field.