Vatnsnes Peninsula

The Vatnsnes peninsula gives you the best view of Húnaflói Bay’s seal population. Vatnsnes is a peninsula jutting into Húnaflói in northern Iceland. It is surrounded by waters of Miðfjörður on the west and Húnafjörður on the east. It is home to one of the largest seal colonies in Iceland, among others at Hindisvík and Ósar. Seals have been protected for many years in Hindisvík.

This area is very peaceful and sometimes dozens of seals can be spotted here, as well as at Illugastaðir, halfway along the western coast of Vatnsnes, at Hindisvík, near the tip of the peninsula, and Ósar, on the eastern coast. The seals tend to be quite friendly and even follow people at a distance, but please do not disturb or feed them.

It also features the remarkably shaped Hvítserkur crag (15 m), which stands right on the shore like a giant cross between a buffalo and a Moomintroll having a drink. Hvítserkur means White Cowl and the name is probably derived from the white color of the bird droppings that cover it.

Note that some areas of Vatnsnes are closed during the nesting season, from late April to late June.