The Westman Islands are a group of 15 islands situated off the south coast of Iceland, and are reachable by either ferry or by airplane. On the main island of Heimaey, which has a population of 4,135, you can explore exhibits from the ‘Pompeii of the North’ excavation site aimed at restoring this tiny fishing village buried in lava and ash from a massive five-month eruption in 1973 which destroyed many buildings and forced a months-long evacuation of the entire population to mainland Iceland.

The beautiful islands have magnificent ocean cliffs which are home to thousands of playful puffins, and a marvelous golf course with incredible views. All of Iceland's seabirds can be found in Vestmannaeyjar: the guillemot, gannet, kittiwake, Iceland gull but the puffin is the most plentiful species and is the Vestmannaeyjar emblem. Heimaey is also home to Eldborg volcano, which is still warm to the touch today from an eruption that took place more than 40 years ago.

Iceland is very young, geologically speaking and is still being created before your eyes with ongoing volcanic eruptions. On a boat ride around the island visitors are treated to a view of the newest land, Surtsey Island, also known as ‘The Youngest Place on Earth.’ Surtsey burst from the North Atlantic in a dramatic ocean floor eruption in 1963. In 2008 it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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This tour brings you from Reykjavik to the Westman Islands, a group of 15 islands and 30 skerries sometimes called the Pompeii of the North.

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Discover the splendid beauty and historic landmarks of the Westman Islands, situated just off the south coast of Iceland.

Duration: 3 days/2 nights

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Westman Islands - Pompeii of the North

This is the grand tour of Vestmannaeyjar, the Westman Islands. It includes a local coach tour of the Island, as well as the boat tour, which explores the ocean caves and magnificent bird-life in the towering cliffs of the area.

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