The Westfjords

The remote Westfjords are a distinct region in Iceland that differ from the rest of the country both historically and geologically, with rock formations up to 14 million years old. In the Westfjords, land meets sea in the most dramatic terms imaginable, with sheer mountains rising from the sea and deep fjords dotted with occasional fishing villages snuggling against the slender seaboard.

At Latrabjarg, the westernmost point of Europe, the region is home to one of the world´s biggest seabird colonies and Hornstrandir Nature Reserve on the region´s northern edge is not only breathtaking in its rawness but also astonishingly rich in vegetation. The eastern Strandir coast offers its own quiet beauty, with inland views streaked by snow-capped plateaus.

The Westfjords are Iceland´s most sparsely populated region apart from the highlands. Since the days of settlement, the inhabitants have lived their lives somewhat isolated from the outside world, creating an independent and endearing local culture.

Isafjordur, the main town, is a scene for plenty of social and cultural activities, with a good number of cool cafes, a thriving harbor, and an annual alternative music festival for music lovers. In olden times, the Westfjords were renowned for wizards and sorcerers, and Holmavik hosts an unusual exhibition on witchcraft and witch hunts.

The Westfjords region has whole areas that are deserted, creating natural reserves of a beauty and fertility unknown elsewhere in Iceland and offers up the country’s most dramatic fjords and some of its best hiking.

Extreme sport enthusiasts arrive during Northern Lights Season for winter sport activities such as heli-skiing where the adventurous can ski straight from the top of the mountain down to the sea. There are several golf courses in the region, and sea kayaking is a peaceful way to spend the afternoon exploring the picturesque fjords. Outdoor bathing in natural hot springs is a favorite activity enjoyed in the Westfjords which has many hidden bathing spots in remote natural 

Towns & Villages