The Westfjords are the most scattered populated region of Iceland (apart from the Highlands).  Ísafjörður is the main town in the Westfjords, Capital of the West.

The Westfjords are often thought to have the most purest nature and the area is characterized by dramatic large fjords, steep mountains, towering angular cliffs rising high and sharply from the deep blue sea, almost touching the sky.

Through the centuries people have battled with the forces of nature to harvest the ocean´s riches and all around the Westfjords you find small fishing villages huddled against the sheer mountains, but large areas of the fjords are uninhabited. The Westfjords where renowned in the olden times for sorcerers, wizards and witchcraft.

The Westfjords are rich of  birdlife, the birds outnumber the inhabitants many times over. One can see the seabirds on their rugged cliffs and the Artic foxes in their lairs. Breiðarfjörður is a mecca for birdwatchers, and there are the 3 largest bird cliffs in Europe.

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