Akureyri and Lake Myvatn Highlight's - Optional Activities

Add optional activities to your Akureyri adventure!

Departure:All days

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Akureyri art and City Walk:

Enjoy the exclusivity of visiting some of Akureyri Local Artists, where they welcome us at their workshops, interact with us and explain their work. We walk through Akureyri centre, visit workshops and handcraft stores with north Icelandic designs and products of various types and materials. Our last stop is at small "retro" café where we relax over some local beverages.

Included: Guided walking tour and beverages.

Duration: 2,5 – 3 hours, minimum 2 pers.

Price: 59 EUR pr. person.


Culinary Coastline and Countryside:

Get a taste of the True North. Explore Akureyri's surroundings and meet local food producers, then sail to Hrísey Island. Join an exclusive gourmet tasting tour and discover the very best of local North Icelandic production. With intriguing visits throughout the Akureyri countryside and coastline, you will meet enthusiastic local food producers, farmers, fishermen and brewers that will share their gastronomic knowledge and passion with you and you taste the freshest products available. All the producers we visit are small family firms and by some the knowledge has travelled from generation to generation to generation and they will offer you to taste for example fresh fish, beer, salted cod, beef, lamb and ice-cream.

Included: Guided tour and transportation, food tasting and ferry to Hrísey Island.

Duration: 7 hours, minimum 2 pers.

Price: 245 EUR pr. person.


Lake Myvatn, Afternoon and Evening:

Lake Mývatn, dinner, nature baths and Northern lights. Here you slow travel from Akureyri to Lake Mývatn area and visit all its major highlights, including: Waterfall Goðafoss, Dimmuborgir, Grjótagjá rift, Hverir, Víti explosion crater, Mt. Námafjall, and Mt. Krafla volcano. Then enjoy a dinner with the freshest ingredients in a local restaurant, before relaxing at the magical Nature Baths at Mývatn. If we are lucky with the weather, the Northern Lights might start to dance above us while bathing for a majestic display of lights across the night sky. We then go searching for more sights the Northern Lights and will also stop by Waterfall Goðafoss on our way back to Akureyri. Please note: The Northern Lights/Midnight Sun are a natural phenomenon and we cannot guarantee sightings even if the tour is operated.

Included: Guided tour and transportation, local countryside dinner (upon arrival you select fish, meat or vegetarian option), entrance fee for the Mývatn nature baths.

Duration: 9 – 10 hours, minimum 2 pers.

Price: 273 EUR pr. person.


Siglufjordur and the Costal Culture:

Discover Siglufjörður in North Iceland, the once Herring Capital of the World. Learn how herring fishing affected the development of all in Iceland. Enjoy one of the most beautiful coastlines. Herring is one of last century's principal shapers of Icelanders destinies. Without herring it is questionable whether the modern society that now exist in Iceland could ever have been developed. In this tour we learn how this came about and how it shaped the culture and peoples life during last century.

Included: Guided coach tour and entrance fee to the Herring museum.

Duration: 5 hours, minimum 2 pers.

Price: 138 EUR pr. person.


Frozen Night, Mystery and Magic – Northern Lights Tour:

To go into dark, frozen winter night and observe an unbelievable display of colour, light and texture is like waking up in a fairy-tale full of mystery and magic. Experience dark Icelandic winter night, the Northern lights and a star bright sky. Please note: the Northern lights are visible from September through April but can only be seen on a clear night. There is no guarantee sightings even if the tour is operated.

Included: Fully guided tour and transport.

Duration: 2 – 3 hours, no minimum.

Price: 76 EUR pr. person.


Cave Exploration Lofthellir Winter Challenge:

A combined tour with one of the most exiting cave experience in Iceland together with a true Super Jeep snow driving adventure. Snowshoeing or hiking on a lava field is a part of the experience of getting to the cave. Lofthellir Cave boasts the greatest natural ice sculptures currently known in an Icelandic lava cave. Please note: the tour is operated from 1st November – 30th April. Longest walking time is 40 minutes.

Included: Fully guided tour, transportation, snowshoes and cave exploration equipment; helmet, headlights and rubber boots.

Duration: 8 – 9 hours, minimum 2 pers.

Price: 238 EUR pr. person.