Adalvik bay is an increasingly popular hiking area, that offers a chance to be alone with nature within the nature reserve of Hornstrandir, established in 1975. The valleys and beaches make the perfect setting for a great outdoor adventure.

Around 200 people lived in Adalvik around 1920 but the population declined until the last people left in the fifties. No one lives in Adalvik all year long anymore. There are still some beautiful summer houses there, and people stay in few of those all summer long.

The area is by many considered one of the most beautiful in Iceland. Its nature is one of a kind and the remoteness attractive.  In some areas, travelers can wade knee-deep in meadows of wild flowers fertilized by the guano of countless seabirds. In the tranquility of the fjords at sundown, you can listen to the music of nature. The sound of the creeks rushing by and the seabirds squawk. If you’re very lucky, you might hear the haunting bark of the arctic fox.

How to get to Adalvik bay?

The most common hiking route is from Adalvik to Hesteyri or vice versa. The area is only reachable by boat and during the summer time boats sail to this remote corner a few times each week.

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