Part of the Reykjavik Art Museum, Asmundarsafn celebrates the work of pioneering Icelandic sculptor Asmundur Sveinsson, who took his inspiration from the country’s people, folklore and landscape.

Asmundarsafn museum opened in 1983. The museum is dedicated to the works of Asmundur Sveinsson (1893-1982). Asmundur was an Icelandic sculptor, born at Kolsstadir in West Iceland. His work can be seen all around Reykjavik, like in front of the University of Iceland or Perlan. His themes were often men and women at work but as he grew older he moved away from the human and animal form and by the 1950’s his work was almost entirely abstract.

The museum itself is housed in the artist’s home and studio, a really unique building and a landmark of Reykjavik. He donated it to Reykjavik City along with a large collection of his work.

Asmundarsafn Museum regularly holds exhibitions of Asmundur‘s work along with exhibitions of works by other artists, some of which have some reference to Asmundur‘s work. An elegant sculpture garden surrounds the museum, boasting around 30 sculptures by Asmundur.

The building was in most part designed by the artist himself in the years 1942-59. For example, he built the curved building behind the house that was conceived both as a studio and exhibition space. The architect Mannfred Vilhjalmsson later designed the extension connecting the main building and the curved building. The form concepts of the house are inspired by the Mediterranean, the round houses of the Arab world and Egypt’s pyramids.

Opening hours

May-September: 10-17

October-April: 13-17

Entrance fee

Adults: 1.600 ISK

Students: 1.000 ISK

Children under 18 and 67+: Free

The admission ticket is valid for 24 hours and also gives you access to Hafnarhusid (Harbour House) in the city center and Kjarvalsstadir museum.

Where is Asmundarsafn museum?

Asmundarsafn is located in Sigtun in Laugardalur valley.

GPS: 64.141631 N, -21.885167 W