If you’re anywhere in or around the town of Borgarnes in western Iceland, it might be well worth your while to check out the biggest hot spring in Europe, Deildartunguhver.

The most powerful hot spring in Europe

Situated on a beautiful farm, Deildartunguhver is the largest and most powerful hot spring in Europe with a flow rate of 180 litres (50 gallons) of water per second at a piping hot 97°C (200°F). The scalding water bubbles out of an algae covered rocky outcrop creating a steamy source of power.

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How many homes does Deildartunguhver hot spring serve?

Most of the water heating homes and businesses in the towns of Borgarnes and Akranes comes from Deildartunguhver. It travels through a 64 kilometre (40 mi) pipeline, the longest of its kind in Iceland. So, if you take a shower anywhere within a 65 km radius of Deildartunguhver, you have already bathed in the hot water from this powerful spring!

Where exactly is Deildartunguhver?

Deildartunguhver is around 100 kilometres north of Reykjavik. It lies near the village of Kleppjarnsreykir, west of Reykholt on the side of Route 50.

GPS: 64.753098 N, -20.773754 W

Organic tomatoes for sale

Adjacent to Deildartunguhver is a small stand where visitors can purchase delicious organic tomatoes grown in the nearby greenhouses using the geothermal heat.

A fern called the “deer fern” or “hard fern” grows near Deildartunguhver. This fern grows nowhere else in Iceland.

Just 70 meters north of the natural hot spring, the KRAUMA geothermal nature baths stands. There you can enjoy bath in the waters of the hot spring.

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