Drangey is a picturesque, uninhabited, bird-rich island characterized by striking cliffs and fairy-tale rock formations located in Skagafjordur fjord. It’s one of the most distinctive landmarks in the area.  

Remarkably, sheep once grazed atop Drangey. Still, the island is surrounded by sheer cliffs up to 180 m. The sheep were hoisted up and down by ropes.  From the only landing spot at the island, a precipitous path, with ladders and cable handrails, leads to the top.

One of Iceland’s best-known Saga heroes, the outlaw Grettir, spent the last three years of his life at Drangey. The story goes that Grettir swum from the island to the western shore of Skagafjörður. There he bathed in a geothermal spring and fetched glowing embers to take back to his hiding place in the island. The pool, called Grettislaug, has been constructed with natural stones at this legendary bathing spot, and is a great place to relax after a hike or after climbing Drangey. But you won’t be expected to swim back to the mainland like Grettir did!

How to get to Drangey

Drangey island can be reached with a boat from Reykir harbor, little north of Saudarkrokur village. The tour takes about 3 hours and is very interesting. Please note that the hike to the island’s top is probably not suited for those who suffer from vertigo. Seeing the fortlike island upclose is a great experience, especially for those interested in bird watching, for many different sea birds, like puffins, make their nests there.

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