To reach Dritvik cove you will need to walk down to the beach at Djupalonssandur, which is why these two are often mentioned at the same instant. Once you reach the beach, an easy hiking route leads you to the cove. 

Dritvik used to be an important fishing centre around 1650-1950 with fishermen and women from all over the country working seasonally. The fishermen built their huts by stacking stones and covering it with fabric, making it easy to remove after each season. Which is why only a few remains of the huts are still visible in the hillside above the beach.

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How to get to Dritvik cove?

The cove is only a short distance from the main road in Snaefellsjokull National Park. You can leave your car at the parking lot above Djupalonssandur. From there, it is a 1 km hike west to the cove.

GPS: 64.750224 N, -23.915704 W

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