Easily the most spectacular site in Iceland’s remote Westfjords is Dynjandi Waterfall (The Thunderer) which is a collection of seven cascades resembling a tiered wedding cake. The thunderous power of the main cascade drops 100 meters (329 ft) off the edge of a mountain.

Each of the seven tiers is individually named and it is possible to walk behind the third tier, Gongufoss. Located just inland from Arnarfjordur fjord, the scenic trail to the base of the waterfall is easily accessible. There you have views seaward over lush valleys which make it an ideal picnic stop.

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The most beautiful waterfall in Iceland?

Dynjandi waterfall is the largest waterfall in the Westfjords. Many locals say that it is the most majestic and most beautiful waterfall in Iceland. Though not all agree on that point. Still, it’s fair to say that the waterfall is a sight. It is preserved as a natural monument since 1981, so please stay on the paths.

Ruins by Dynjandi

Make sure you don’t miss out on the few ruins there. Not far from the parking lot you can find an old home stead, ruins of an old turf house. It was inhabited until 1951. As the story goes, the wife of the farmer who used to live there couldn’t stand listen to the constant roar of the thunderous waterfall.

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