Egilsstadir, the hub of East Iceland, is located inland from the coast.  The landscape in this remote part of the island exhibits a rich variety in color. Local folklore is equally colorful with tales of elves and other mythical creatures such as the Lagarfljotsormur, an ancient serpentine monster believed to be swimming in the depths of Lagarfljot Lake

There are hiking trails in the area, as well as camping during the summer months. Nearby Hallormsstadur is an impressive forest in a country otherwise almost bare of trees. Beyond that lies the wild and woolly natural habitat of Iceland’s reindeer population, which are only found in East Iceland. The wonderful expanses of woodlands are flanked by fields full of lamb and Icelandic horses. Nearby are also historical sites from the ancient Sagas.

Things to do

Egilsstadir offers plenty of things to do. It has a great outdoor swimming pool, several interesting museums, and a beautiful golf course. You can even try your hand in frisbee golf in Tjarnargardurinn park. We recommend the East Iceland Heritage Museum and taking a walk along the shores of Lagarfljot lake, where you can see if you spot the infamous Lagarfljotsormur.

How to get to Egilsstadir

Egilsstadir is approximately 630 km (390 mi) from Reykjavik city. The fastest way to get there is by flying. Every day, there are several flights departing from Reykjavik’s domestic airport to Egilsstadir. The approximate flight time is 60 min.

However, if you prefer driving there, from wherever you are simply follow the Ring Road (Road no. 1) east, which will eventually take you there. From Reykjavik, the drive takes about eight hours.

GPS: 65.266874 N, -14.394847 W