Eskifjordur is a tiny fishing village with a population of less than 800, located on a stunningly beautiful fjord in east Iceland. This charming village is well worthwhile for those who want to see a typical coastal town in Iceland that is off-the-beaten path.

Established in the 1700s as a trading post and commercial center, the community and local economy still revolve around the fishing industry as it did when herring, ‘the ocean’s silver,’ was at its peak.

Things to do in Eskifjordur

The colorful village sits under the shadow of Holmatindur Mountain and boasts a reputable ski resort in Oddskard. There is also a Maritime Museum housed in the town’s oldest building that exhibits the fishing and whaling history of the East Fjords.

Eskifjordur offers some great outdoor and hiking opportunities. Hiking in Holmanes peninsula is popular among the locals;  over 150 species of vegetation are located in the fjord, many of which  are typical for East Iceland. Bird life in Hólmanes is also very rich;  sea birds, wading birds, moa’s, ducks and geese have their habitat in the area.

The White Witch

While in Eskifjordur, you should also pay the White Witch a visit. Just above the Holmahals road at its highest point over the peninsula, there is a picnic table.  Under a pile of nearby rocks, rests a white witch also known as a Volva (“the Seeress” in Norse mythology) who promised to protect this fjord from invasion as long as her bones never decayed. She saved the fjord both from a raid by North African marauders in the 17th century and from a German bombing plane in World War II, making it crash at the fjord’s entrance.

GPS: 65.071411 N, -14.015287 W