Eyrarbakki is a fishing village of around 530 inhabitants that was founded on the Great Thjorsa Lava. For centuries Eyrarbakki and its harbour was the main port in the south of Iceland.

Eyrarbakki was once the trading centre for the whole of the southern region. However, in 1925 after the bridging of the nearby Olfusa River, the importance of the village as a trading center diminished.

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Oldest timber house in Iceland

The oldest preserved timber house in Iceland is to be found in Eyrarbakki. It is called “Husid” (The House). It now houses the Arnesinga Folk Museum. The church in the village was built in 1890 and is world-famous for its altarpiece, it was painted by Queen Louise of Denmark, wife of King Christian IX. The small village also boasts of the oldest school in the country, the primary school that was established in 1852.

Eyrarbakki also has a nice campsite, hostel, guesthouses and restaurants. On the rocky shoreline you can experience an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as watching the surf break. It is an ideal spot for hiking and bird watching. The Floi Bird Reserve lies northwest of Eyrabakki. It is an important nesting area, especially for wetland birds and is listed in The Bird Life International Association.

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