The fjord of “Faskrudsfjordur” gets its name from an island near the fjord called Skrudur. Faskrudsfjordur is in the centre of the East Fjords of Iceland. Skrudur is home to of the world’s largest puffin cave, with an abundance of puffins and other bird life.

Faskrudsfjordur fjord is in between the peninsulas Vattarnes and Hafnarnes, and at the bottom of the fjord is a beautiful valley with scenic, birch filled Artic woodlands.

Bird life and the ‘puffin cave’

A drive from Reydarfjordur fjord along the coast  will give you some great views and panoramic landscapes with Skrudur as the centerpiece. Many different species of bird live on the island, with the unique puffin cave’ sheltering thousands of puffins and a great colony of gannets that can be seen plunging like arrows into the water.

French heritage

In the inner end of Faskrudsfjordur is Budir village. It was the main station for French fishermen in the East of Iceland during the 19th and early 20th century. Moreover, there used to be a French consul, a French hospital and a French chapel.  Budir is famous for its French heritage and has a strong connection with its sister town, Gravelines, in France.  Local historians also believe that France had a say in the fact that the District Doctor had his office in Budir. Today the French Hospital building houses both a hotel and the French Museum. It is worth while to visit the French Museum and learn more about the area’s historical connections with France.

GPS: 64.929288 N, -14.012113 W