Tucked away on the coast of Onundarfjordur, just south of Isafjordur lies the village Flateyri. The village has been a trading post since 1792, although its importance as such has decreased over the years. First and foremost, the village was a base for whale and shark operation. The vast majority of the population nowadays, around 200 inhabitants, work in the fish processing industry.


Flateyri is well known for it’s quint and eccentric museums, such as the popular Nonsense Museum which showcases a collection of odd things, like pens, police hats, sugar cubes and more. Close by is the Doll museum, that displays an enormous collection of dolls and dolls costumes from around the world. Lastly but not least, the old village bookshop is now a museum where visitors can learn about the history of Flateyri while buying second hand books and visiting the old merchant’s home.

What to do in Flateyri?

The village offers visitors the space to experience tranquil fishing village life in a beautiful setting of white sandy beaches (a rarity in Iceland) and the characteristic table-top mountains of the Westfjords. The fjord offers great opportunities for kayaking and hiking trails are bountiful in the area.  Flateyri has also become a very popular destination for foreign sea anglers.

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