Flokalundur is the perfect rest stop in the Westfjords. You can find it at the junction of the road leading towards the town of Isafjordur and the bumpy road no. 62 to the southwestern peninsula.

The name derives from the Viking Hrafna-Flóki. As the story goes Hrafna Flóki, the first settler in Iceland, landed in Flókalundur and set up a winter camp. Hrafna-Flóki named Iceland and gave the island it’s name. He and his men suffered bad weather in the first winter, cold and snow. So, he walked to the summit of a nearby mountain to see if spring was coming. All he saw were fjords filled with ice, snow and icebergs. So, he decided to call this land Iceland.

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The protected but sparsely vegetated lowlands location of Flókalundur is possibly the reason for its mild climate. Summer are mild and warm.

The natural geothermal pool „Hellulaug“ lies about 500 m from Flókalundur, right by the sea-shore. It’s hidden away from the road, but there is a small parking lot and a nice path down to the beach, but you’ll find the pool among the rocks. At high tide, you might want to jump into the ice cold sea, as the locals do, and then run quickly back to the pool to warm up.

Many popular hiking paths are in the area of Flókalundur, such as in Vatnsfjörður nature reserve. The reserve reaches around Vatnsdalsvatn lake, a nesting site for harlequin ducks and great northern divers (loons).

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