Nature lovers flock to Gardur, which means ‘wall’ or ‘garden,’ for its untouched nature, diverse bird life, impressive whale and dolphin spotting, as well as the earth walls that give the town its name.

Outdoor enthusiasts should not miss out on the chance of visiting the town of Garður if they are traveling through the Reykjanes peninsula. You can find diverse bird life, dolphins or whales near the shore. Additionally, you can enjoy Gardur’s interesting regional museum with an extraordinary collection of engines. After enjoying yourself out in the nature you can visit the local swimming pool or relax in the hot tubs. The restaurant Flosin is very popular for its food and for a balcony with a scenic view.

You can also enjoy the great outdoors at one of the country’s best golf courses and at the Gardskagi campsite with nearby swimming pool and relaxing hot tubs.

No doubt, the biggest draw to this area is Gardskagi, a rocky point with two lighthouses and a quaint folk museum featuring boat engines, old radios, a homemade organ and other olden-day novelties, along with a charming cafe. Gardur’s larger lighthouse has a 360-degree lookout platform where you can enjoy  picturesque scenery.