The Geysir Center located at the Geysir Hot Spring Area presents information on geothermal wonders, Northern Lights, earthquakes and ice caves through a dynamic multimedia show including an earthquake simulator.

The upper half of the Geysir Center museum offers a sneak peek into agricultural life through a series of exhibits including video shorts on wool production as well as regional dairy processing.

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The center also has one of the biggest souvenir shops in Iceland. It offers a pleasant shoping atmosphere a large selection. The store itself was designed and built in the spirit of sustainability. The interior is made from recycled materials, diverse tools and wooden bits and pieces collected from old, abandoned farm houses. The ambiance is relaxed, allowing for a great shoping experience.

Supa restaurant at Geysir Center and Hotel Geysir

The Supa restaurant focuses on delicious, healthy food, great soups and a good selection of vegetarian options.

Hotel Geysir was awarded the innovation prize of the Icelandic Tourist Board in 2000 for the Geysir Center.

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