This legendary bathing spot, Grettislaug at Reykir in Skagafjordur in North Iceland, is the bathing place of Grettir the Strong from Saga lore. Located by the seaside with amazing views, the geothermal pool has been constructed with natural stones.

At Reykir in Skagafjordur fjord are two geothermal pools, where guests can bathe. The older one, Grettislaug, is named after Grettir the Strong, the main character from Grettis Saga. As the story goes, Grettir, then an outlaw and lived in Drangey Island, visible from the pool, swam ashore. He was feeling cold, naturally, after them swim and spent the night in the pool, getting warm again.

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Early 20th century there were two pools there. One called Reykjalaug which was used for washing clothes, and the other one Grettislaug. Both of these pools were ruined in a great storm early 20th century, but locals decided to rebuild them in 1992. Reykjalaug was renamed and is called Jarlslaug (e. pool of the earl) in honour of Jon Eiriksson, who lead the rebuilding of the pools.

Grettislaug is about 39°C (100°F) year round, though of course weather can influence the water’s temperature. There are dressing rooms and since the pool in on a private property, there is a small entrance fee.

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