Grundarfjordur is a charming fishing village centrally located on the north coast of Snaefellsnes peninsula. The town lies deep in a beautiful fjord surrounded by mountains with the striking Mt. Kirkjufell standing out as the majestic landmark.

The surrounding fjord is abundant in marine-life and in winter orca whales can be seen swimming near the shore, chasing Iceland’s delicious herring. The area has also become a known sanctuary for the white tailed eagle which is the largest predatory bird in Iceland.

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What to do in Grundarfjordur?

Grundarfjordur offers a wide range of outdoor activities including hiking, bird watching, fishing, horseback riding, skiing, ice-climbing and camping. There is also a superb nine-hole golf course as well as boat tours offered for sightseeing and sea angling.

During summer the town comes alive. The local Viking Association is building a Viking village in the centre of town and Viking-age re-enactments are often the highlight of the day for visitors.

The last weekend in July Grundafjordur celebrates its town festival ‘Á góðri stund’. This is when the town literally changes colour since the locals decorate their houses in red, blue, yellow and green and participate in a range of activities for the whole family, from art exhibitions to fighting Vikings to concerts down by the harbour.

Accommodation in Grundarfjordur

Grundarfjordur offers various types of accommodation for tourists; a hotel and a hostel, two guesthouses, a farm holiday guesthouse, as well as a camping site.

Services in Grundarfjordur

Despite having only less than 900 inhabitants, Grundarfjordur has all the basic services one can need, and more. There are a couple of restaurants in the village, as well as a coffee shop and a decent grocery store. Furthermore there is an information centre, a pharmacy, a liquor store, a post office, a laundry service and let’s not forget the swimming pool, conveniently located next to the camping site.

GPS: 64.924669 N, -23.260406

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