Set along the eastern banks of Lake Lagarfljot, Hallormsstadur forest plantation is the largest of its kind in Iceland with larch, red spruce, and other species added to native birch, rowan, and willow. There are over 40 km of marked trails and footpaths as well as an arboretum, two camp-sites, picnic areas, a hotel, and boat and horse rentals.

The forest was protected in 1905 so it became the first national forest in Iceland. It covers over 350 ha within the original fenced area, though the forest itself encompasses 200 ha more.

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The forest is managed by Icelandic forest service and is open all year and easy to reach.

What to do in Hallormsstadur National Forest

Hallormsstadaskogur offers great opportunities for birdwatching. There are many species that make their nests in the forest in the summer. Besides birding, the forest offers opportunities for botanizing and picking berries and mushrooms.

Hallormsstadaskogur forest is also enjoyable during the winter, when frost and snow covers the trees and branches and if you’re lucky you can find some great spots for taking pictures of the Northern lights.

There are a series of pleasant walking trails throughout Hallormsstadaskogur with opportunities for berry and mushroom picking during summer months. Although Iceland is not known for its forests, it today plants more trees per head of population than any other nation in the world.

How to get to Hallormsstadaskogur?

Hallormsstadur is located 25 kilometers inland from the town of Egilsstadir. From there, head southwest onto road no. 1. Drive approximately 11 km, then turn right onto road 931. Continue down that road for about 14 km or until you reach your destination.

GPS: 65.098889 N, -14.720833