In the late 1940’s, the inhabitants of the tiny village of Hesteyri in Hornstrandir made the decision to move away. Today the village serves as a summer resort for locals and offers plenty of beautiful hiking trails, some of the most beautiful ones in the Westfjords

The village has stood deserted since 1952. Now, local owner and their families only inhabit the village in the summer. The native flora, fauna and wildlife have positively flourished since the village was declared a reserve. The wildlife mostly consists of the Arctic Foxes, numerous nesting birds and seals.

What to do in Hesteyri?

Hesteyri is a paradise for hikers and a popular base for longer tours, especially for those that long for untouched nature, an area with no roads nor vehicles of any kind.  On the way visitors will get an insight into the history, how it was to live almost on the edge of the earth, and enjoy the pure, colorful nature. 

The old Doctor’s House serves traditional Icelandic refreshments. It also serves as a primitive guesthouse, where time has pretty much stood still since the abandonment.

How to get there?

Travelers can only visit the abandoned village of Hesteyri by boat and during summer there is a regular boat schedule from Isafjordur.

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