Located 15 minutes by ferry from Iceland’s northern coast in Eyjafjordur Fjord, Hrisey Island is not only remote geographically but has less than 200 inhabitants. Much of the island is a dedicated nature reserve which supports some of the lushest vegetation in the entire country. There are plenty of hiking trails across the flat moorlands, covered in purple heather and rich in birdlife.

As a settlement originally established in the 10th century, citizens still enjoy living the simple pleasures of yesteryear. They invite you to do the same in a variety of activities including tractor-pulled hayride tours around the island, bird watching from a tiny hut north of the village, walks to the lovely lighthouse for breathtaking views of the Midnight Sun, and learning about the history of shark fishing at the local shark museum which is the oldest building in the community. It is highly recommended before leaving to sample the island’s signature dish. It contains mouthwatering blue mussels drawn straight from the shining sea.

How to get to Hrisey island?

A small ferry leaves daily from Árskógssandur pier and the ride takes about half an hour.

Things to do in Hrisey

Hrisey is a wonderful island and offers many great sightings and experiences. There are a few marked hiking trails which offer a great panoramic view of Eyjafjordur Fjord. The you see the many vales and valleys that dot the landscape. You can also go bird watching, since there are many different species of birds that make their nests in the island.

If you are more inclined towards culture and history, there are two museums in Hrisey island. The House of Shark Jörundur is in the oldest house on the Island. A museum has been set up there where you can learn about the history of shark fishing in Iceland and the story of Hrisey. In Holt, the memorial museum of Alda Halldórsdóttir, shows in a unique way a typical working-class home of that era where the new and the old meet.

There are also cafes, restaurants and a swimming pool in the island.

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