A new hot spring area emerged on a hillside above Hveragerdi after a major earthquake shook South Iceland in May 2008 and pillars of steam can be seen rising up from the ground year round. Several highly active hot springs spew colorful mud and hot geothermal water into the air creating quite a spectacle.

There’s an exhibition in the Sunnumork Shopping Center called Quake 2008 that presents the causes and the huge impact the earthquake 2008 had on the Hveragerdi area. It shows the experience of residents, how it affected the buildings, local environments and other damage. Television screens show the recordings from surveillance cameras. There are photographs as well taken by the locals and information from The Earthquake Engineering Research Center. At the exhibition visitors can experience a powerful earthquake (+6 Richter) in an earthquake simulator. In the floor you see an earthquake crack found at the building site, illuminated for visitors. Entrance to the exhibition is free.

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